Awakening the Nations, as the title suggests, is about seeing an awakening happen–awakening individuals, awakening churches, awakening cities, awakening the whole world for a massive harvest of souls into the Kingdom of Heaven.  How?  By telling people about Jesus.  The bible says, “Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life”.  That scripture sounds like awakening.  When you experience the truth, you will have evidence of life.  The Father God desires that the life and death of Jesus Christ be awakened in every individual across the globe.

When Evangelist Anh Le was 19, he had a vision from God. Anh had just accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior and was standing in front of a huge army of people, moving together in ranks. One peculiar thing about that army is that they were all on fire, like bodies on fire, moving with one accord. When he woke up, Anh understood that the Lord wants to unite the body of Christ to truly defeat Satan’s hold on the lost people of this world. Being lukewarm and divided will not do it. We believe that God is going to awaken His bride who is still on this earth with a Holy breath of the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

“We believe we are part of a great harvest of souls, and that Jesus is going to do something amazing throughout all the nations of the world. There is a scripture alluding to the end day’s harvest, about God pouring out His Spirit out on all flesh in the last days. (Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28)  On all flesh, means ALL flesh. There is a possibility of getting a whole generation saved across the globe!  But we aren’t measuring our success by this result; we are measuring our success by our obedience to preach the Gospel to every creature.

Our goal is to see 1 billion souls saved and receive new life. How will that happen? When the body of Christ unites and begins to tell people about Jesus. There are 7 billion people in this world. There are 2.13 billion professed Christians on this globe today of all ages. God wants all 7 billion to know Him.

The Harvest is ripe. Awakening the Nations is making a difference by hosting 2-3 day citywide gatherings with music, corporate prayer, skits, and powerful testimonies from people with amazing life stories. Some of those who will share at the gatherings include: former atheists, satanists, drug dealers, prostitutes, etc. Churches, ministries, and other non-profits come together to be a light to the community and proclaim Jesus is Lord. Set Ablaze Conferences are offered to churches or groups who want to be equipped and set on fire to reach the hurting and the lost. As a result, churches are growing.

The vision of Evangelist Anh Le is to partner with other anointed men and women who share the vision to reach unbelievers with the powerful Gospel message. Along with that vision, Anh is helping to train up other evangelists in reaching this world to bring forth the vision of 1 billion souls saved.  Awakening the Nations is targeting whole continents – one nation at a time

Anh and Kathleen Le share a vision that Kathleen had received personally from the Lord.  One evening, Kathleen stopped mid prayer with Anh and saw a clear vivid vision as she closed her eyes.  She saw the whole map of the globe, as if it were spread flat, and she saw a ball of fire hit the world and it began to spread fire all across the land.  She asked the Lord, what are those that the fire is hitting?  She heard the word “continents”.   Anh and Kathleen then knew this was confirmation that the Lord is going to endue continents with power from on High. The same flame that hit the apostles in the book of Acts, is about the strike the globe in a greater way.



Have you ever asked your self 'Why do I need Jesus'? The answer is simple. We are broken, flawed human beings and through Jesus' love we can be made whole again. The freedom found in Jesus helps us overcome broken marriages, sickness, everyday struggles, and addictions. We want you to experience this love that heals all pain.