Anh was born in Denver, Colorado. His Vietnamese parents came from a family of mixed faiths; his dad was a Buddhist, his mother a Catholic. When Anh’s parents ran into many difficulties, a divorce resulted. That day he decided to become an atheist…

In College Anh majored in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology.  He was well versed in the Theory of Evolution. But in his sophomore year, Anh “evolved” from an Atheist to a Christian when he gave his life to Jesus Christ. That day changed Anh’s life forever.  At the age of 19 Anh received a vision from the Lord… He saw the body of Christ, lined up as an army, ablaze with the fire of God!  He knew God was calling him to be an Evangelist. Anh has been powerfully preaching the Gospel ever since.

Anh is an ordained Pastor and a graduate of Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism. He speaks at Crusades and Awakening Gatherings around the world. Through God’s power he is seeing hundreds accept Jesus with signs, wonders and healings.  Anh is witnessing the fulfillment of that vision, and is after One billion souls for Jesus Christ.


Kathleen has a communications background in radio and TV. She is a dynamic host for the “Real Life” radio show and an emcee for the Awakening Gatherings.

Almost aborted as a baby, Kathleen was raised by her single parent mom. She says, “I grew up believing I was a big mistake. My mom was a single parent of four and times were very tough for us as kids”. At age 13 she got involved with one of the toughest Mexican gangs and spent the next five years being part of and living the lifestyle of a gang member. But at the age of 19 she began to suffer from depression which led to suicidal tendencies, fear, rejection and PTSD. When everything seemed to be against her – Kathleen had an encounter with Jesus and was totally healed and restored.  She now has a tremendous heart to help women who are struggling and those who suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental situations.

Since 2009, Kathleen has helped direct and emcee the ministry’s outreach gatherings.  She is an ordained Pastor and a graduate of Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism. She served as Chaplain in an extended unit for the Florida Hospital in 2015. Kathleen loves reaching people and believes “free people,  free people”.  You can request to have her speak at your church, conference event or retreat.


Sephen Brown is a board member and advisor of Awakening The Naitons. Stephen served as the director for the 2015 outreach in Denver, Colorado. He continues to help the ministry through his event expertise and in advertising.

As an advisor, Steve helps plan Awakening Gatherings and Set ablaze conferences.

Steve’s previous experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, Pastor and producer enable him to provide God given direction to the ministry and help Anh and Kathleen present the gospel message to thousands of unchurched.


Chau Hgo is the Prayer Ministry Director.  She plays the important role of leading teams of people to pray for Awakening the Nations, all of the Awakening Gatherings, and also all the prayer requests which come into the ministry. Based in Vietnam, Chau has successfully led the prayer covering for the ministry and its outreaches for a number of years.


Eric literally grew up in the radio business, helping to produce broadcasts at his Dad’s radio station when he was only ten years old. Later, when his voice matured, he became a DJ and production engineer at both his Dad’s and three other stations during the 1970s.

Since then, Eric went on to pursue a career in the computer software business, specializing in electronic publishing and content management. A co-founder of two successful software and systems integration companies, he became well known as an international conference speaker, technical standards committee participant, and board member for several industry consortium groups. As a hobby, Eric has also worked for the past ten years as a musician and hands-on music producer. Now retired, he is a full-time volunteer for Awakening the Nations, focused primarily on producing the Real Life radio show.

Eric has an undergraduate degree in Business and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin, with graduate work in Computer Science at the University of Colorado. He is a former CPA and certified radio broadcast engineer.


Ellen Lee serves as the ministry’s Administrative Assistant.  She has an administrative background in Christian Television and in a Christian Education Foundation. Having a degree in Christian Education she has also taught in several Christian Schools.  Her love of the Lord is evident in everything she does.  Her heart is to build up the saints and see the Kingdom of God expand throughout the earth.

Ellen’s life verse is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  Recently she had the privilege of going on a missions trip to The Philippines; the fulfillment of a word God gave her many years ago. She encourages others to keep believing, and not to lose hope or get discouraged about a vision or God given dream. “Keep believing, God will fulfill what He has spoken to you …His timing is always perfect!”



Have you ever asked your self 'Why do I need Jesus'? The answer is simple. We are broken, flawed human beings and through Jesus' love we can be made whole again. The freedom found in Jesus helps us overcome broken marriages, sickness, everyday struggles, and addictions. We want you to experience this love that heals all pain.